About Seachange

We offer adults impacted by cancer, and their carers, a unique opportunity to strengthen their minds and bodies. Driven by research and consultation with cancer survivors, professionals in the field of oncology and clinical psychology, each element of the retreats aims to support wellbeing and recovery. Retreats are free to access, supported by Grant Funding and donations. 

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

Jon Kabat Zinn

Set on the stunning Cornish coast where the ocean itself brings a sense of calm, participants are able to take time out for themselves and connect to others with shared experiences.

Founded by Dr Helen Reynolds, Clinical Psychologist, Dr Bhavna Oza, NHS Doctor and Dannie MacLennan, Project Coordinator, SeaChange Retreats bring together their passion for wellbeing, the ocean, and research-driven interventions.

All of the retreats are built around four key elements – surfing, yoga, mindfulness, and specialist workshops. Together these elements aim to strengthen and promote physical wellbeing and activity; develop emotional resilience and mental health; and build connections with others who share similar experiences.

We are extremely grateful to our funding partners, National Lottery Community Fund and NatWest: Back Her Business; our Crowdfunder supporters; and our partner agencies Newquay Activity Centre and 12 Beach Road, whose generous support enables us to offer our retreats to participants for free.

Recovering After Cancer

- Day and Weekend Retreats -

For those that are recovering after cancer we have a variety of day and weekend retreats focusing on different elements of recovery. Whether you are feeling hesitant about returning to exercise; would like to build knowledge and skills in physical rehabilitation; want to take time out to reflect on where you are at in your journey so far; or want to focus on building emotional resilience, there is a retreat for you. All our specialist workshops are delivered by experienced professionals, in a relaxed and supportive environment, to facilitate discussion and sharing of ideas and experiences.

Alongside our workshops, each retreat will offer the opportunity to gently build your physical strength through surfing and yoga, drawing on research indicating the role of exercise in maintaining overall physical health, the maintenance of remission, and as a key way of managing some of the side effects of treatment such as cancer-related fatigue. Growing research also indicates the benefits of nature immersion on mental wellbeing; and the ocean offers the perfect playground for building body confidence. Group surf sessions with qualified instructors will be tailored to individual physical need and focused on getting you up and riding while having fun in the water. Yoga sessions will allow you to stretch out post-surf, building both flexibility and inner calm. An introduction to Mindfulness practice will explore how to calm the mind and build psychological strength.

We hope that you will leave feeling physically and mentally nourished, and better equipped to deal with the challenges posed by cancer recovery in your day-to-day life.

Our Recovering After Cancer retreats are open to any adult (18y+) who finished their treatment at least 6 months ago. We know that recovery is a long journey, therefore you are welcome to join us earlier or later in this path. Our guidance of ‘at least 6 months’ aims to support you to rebuild some physical strength to allow you to get the most from the activities on the retreats. Please see our Activities page for more detailed information about the physical aspects of our sessions to help guide you.

If you would like to attend but would like to bring a supporter with you, just let us know and we can arrange this with you. If you would like to chat through any questions you might have about the retreats, or specific needs we might need to support you with, then please get in touch.

Family and Carers

- Weekend Retreat -
Towan Beach, Newquay

We know that caring for someone with cancer has a far reaching impact on carers lives. Supporting someone through treatment and with the after-effects of cancer is a significant task. Looking after yourself at the same time often takes a backseat. We are delighted to be partnering with Promas: Caring For People CIC to bring you a bespoke weekend specifically tailored for carers, to support you whilst you support others. Bringing together a specialist workshop, surf, yoga and wellbeing activities, we aim to help you to re-invigorate by taking time out for you, whilst building connections with others facing similar challenges. 

Our Family and Carers retreat is open to anyone who identifies as a carer for someone who has, or has had, cancer.

Living With Cancer

- Weekend Retreat -

We are pleased to announce another new addition for 2021 – our Living with Cancer retreat. Full details will be shared in the coming months, but we hope this will be a weekend of reflection and connection, focused on strengthening physically and psychologically to deal with all that life brings.

to make sure you are the first to hear about the launch of the weekend and reserve your place.

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